Grooming your bull terrier – don’t overdo it

Grooming your bull terrier

One of the great things about owning a bull terrier is that you will not have to spend lots of time grooming your dog (compared to some other breeds that we know).

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t spend ANY time grooming your bull terrier. You will still need to put some effort into keeping their exterior up to scratch. What exactly will grooming your bull terrier entail?

Since bull terriers have such short hair, it really doesn’t need too much brushing. But if you don’t want to see hair all over your house, you still will need to brush your pup once or twice a week.

Even though their hair is short, bull terriers do shed, especially during warm times of the year.

The amount of shedding can also depend on the food you provide for your bull terrier. If it isn’t a brand or type of food that provides a full spectrum of nutrients, or if there is something in the food that your dog is allergic to, your bull terrier might shed more.

A healthy bull terrier will have healthy-looking, shiny hair. To brush it, use a rough brush and brush for 5 to 10 minutes. Your pup will love it. Apart from grooming, this could be a great bonding opportunity for you and your dog.

It can also be a great time for you to thoroughly inspect your bull terrier’s hair and skin for ticks, parasites or anything else your pup could have picked up from outside, and also any allergic skin reactions.

After brushing your dog, wipe the hair with a wet tissue to get rid of any loose hair.

Bull terrier allergies

Bull terriers do tend to have food and environmental allergies. The reason for skin reactions can be anything from parasites to food reactions. Often environmental things such as oil diffusers in your home may also trigger reactions in your dog. If you see any skin reactions on your pup, take them to the vet.

Ticks and parasites

During summer months, don’t forget to inspect your dog for ticks after walks, especially if you walk in forested areas. If you find a tick, try to remove it, but it has to be removed completely, with the head. If you don’t know how to do it or don’t feel confident, take the pup to the vet. It’s very dangerous to leave the head of the tick in your dog’s skin.

Washing your bull terrier

When it comes to washing your bull terrier, don’t overdo it. It’s only necessary to wash your pup when they are visibly dirty after walking outside, or if they have an odor.

If you wash your bull terrier too often, you can wash off the protective oily layer on their skin, which will make their hair soft and matte and can even lead to your dog getting a cold.

After you wash your dog, take your bully into a warm place without drafts and dry them up with a towel. Of course, it’s good to wash or wipe your bull terrier’s paws every time after a walk.

Ears and eyes

Bull terrier’s ears require regular cleaning. You should inspect them often for signs of dirt, too much wax or anything that looks like an infection. Wipe your bull terrier’s eyes as necessary to keep them clean.


Dogs often get worms. Your bull terrier will very likely have them if they like picking things up from the street and if you don’t pay close attention to them. A sure-fire way of knowing that your dog has worms is when they start dragging their but across the floor.

If that happens, take your dog to the vet and get some deworming medication.

Dragging butt on the floor may also be a symptom of anal gland issues: sometimes dogs can’t successfully empty those and they need to be expressed.

I won’t go into details of that in this article: you can learn how to do it yourself or you can talk your pup to the vet and get it done professionally. Either way, it has to be done.

Bull terriers’ nails need to be trimmed regularly to avoid discomfort. This procedure is not always the most pleasant for the dot. It’s good to start trimming their nails from the time they are really young so that your pup gets used to it.

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